Thursday, June 14, 2018

Quiet Time at the Lake

It has been awhile since we last posted.  Seems like not a lot happening in our lives.  We have had a lot of short (50 mile each way) trips into Duluth for laundry, medical, and social activities.  Both Bob and Joyce have had quite a few medical appointments until this week, when we have had none at all.  We had a quick trip to Elk River to pick up our Grand-dog for her “summer camp” while Brett and family are on a vacation out west.  Anna planned the trip for them, because she wanted to see the Seattle area.  They will return prior to the Fourth of July because the girls like to be here for that holiday.

After experiencing this area’s last snowfall of the season, we have had cool, quiet weather.  The reservoir is about as full as it can be and the dam is wide open in anticipation of a lot of rain this weekend.  We have had a lot of east winds (on shore to us) that have become tiring.  On the other side of the peninsula, Steve and Dianna are getting a new deck and landscaping, so we have been checking the contractor’s progress each evening.

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