Saturday, June 18, 2016

Well, That was Different!

We have volunteered for lots of activities in the past, but this week held a “first”.  We volunteered to help at Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth.  They have had activities all week long, ending in the ½ and full marathons on Saturday.  Friday the organizers held a pasta meal and the William Irvin 5k run.  We joined the traffic control group for the 5k, and held posts at the sculpture garden, where the runners got their first view of Lake Superior.  Our job was to make sure the spectators didn’t get in the way of the runners.  Just past our location the course dropped to near the lake level and turned back along Duluth’s Lakewalk and then back to Canal Park.

This race started at 6PM.  The first runners came by about 15 minutes later and kept coming for over ½ an hour.  There were more than 2400 participants, most of whom were enjoying themselves.  The crowd included a number of “characters” (like a Forrest Gump look-a-like, and a couple of ballerinas).

Meanwhile, at the lake, we think summer is about to arrive.  We have had a lot of cool and damp weather, and now the forecast is for warmer and damp.  Our 4-legged guest has been having a good time with walks around the point nearly every day and swimming in the lake to retrieve her tennis ball on most days.  And now that the weather has improved, we plan on getting some projects done – sealing the dock, washing the RV, improving some landscaping, etc.  Need to get the place spiffy before the Fourth of July when we’ll have the family here.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Quiet Times at the Lake

Two weeks since our last posting!  How time does fly; but it’s not like we have lots of activity.  We have been busy cleaning up the leaves, mowing the lawn and hosting all the kids/grandkids for Memorial Day weekend. Here are the girls at Grandpa Cliff's gravesite.
Like many past long weekends, the weather was miserable until the actual holiday.  We put them to work stacking our wood pile. 
The golf cart always gets a good workout when they’re here.  It turned beautiful as our company packed for their return trip to the Twin Cities.  It has since turned back to wet and windy again. 

Last Tuesday we, too, returned to the Cities for a number of medical appointments and a high school graduation – congratulations to Valentina for completing high school!  We returned to the lake on Friday and helped with another graduation party on Saturday: cousin Steve’s youngest son, Ryan, who also completed high school this year.

There were also 2 additions to the extended family when 2 of Paige’s cousins became first-time grandparents within 2 days of each other last weekend.  Both cousins Dan and Steve had grandsons.  Congratulations!

This week we get our grand-dog, Stella, on Thursday.  Brett will be bringing her up here as they will be leaving on a 2+ week of vacation.  This year they’re going west – Yellowstone, Zion, Bryce Canyon.  Stella loves being at the lake better than travelling! 

So, we’ll be hanging out around the cabin for awhile.  Just hope the weather improves.  Looking forward to some visits from Paige’s mom, Joyce.