Saturday, July 16, 2016

A Quiet Summer

Nearly a month has gone by since our last posting.  This helps to prove how mundane our lives have been.  We would like to do a little outside painting and add some waterproofing to our dock, but we haven’t had more than 4 dry days in a row that we can remember.  The 4th of July weekend was rather busy with about a dozen guests joining us for the holidays.  We still haven’t washed the motorhome and it is really filthy now, after a trip to Superior for routine maintenance and coming back through yet another rain over 12 miles of road under construction.  We were towing the Canyon at the same time and it was even more dirty.  While waiting in line at a car wash last week, a boy came by and broke out laughing and pointing, saying “Your truck is REALLY dirty!”  As if we didn’t know it.  It hasn’t been all rainy; we have had some nice sunsets like last evening:


For a change of pace, we volunteered to help paint the interior of a Habitat for Humanity house in nearby Virginia last week.  There were about 10 other volunteers from Wells Fargo also there so a lot of work got done.  We met the buyer, who was putting in part of his “sweat equity” and heard how excited he and his family are to get into a house of their own later this year.

We expect to have more visitors later this month and into August.