Friday, June 16, 2017

Well, This is Different!!

After all these years in the northwoods, storms have only caused a few power outages, but no real damage to our personal property.  All that changed Tuesday afternoon.

We had strong winds off the lake, and one weak tree.  It came down onto both the Winnebago and the pickup.  We have policies for both vehicles with the same carrier and they will consider it to be one “incident” so we shouldn’t have to pay two deductibles.  We have spoken to a claims person by phone, and are waiting for a personal visit to be scheduled soon.

We will see how all this turns out.

Down the road, Duluth is now filling up with runners and their families and fans.  This is the weekend of Grandma’s Marathon, when tens of thousands of people show up to run along the shores of Lake Superior.  We will be volunteering to help with route control during the William A. Irvin 5k support event, just like we did last year.  At least it will take our minds off insurance, deductibles, and body shops.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Busy Days

Well, summer has finally come to northern Minnesota.  Eighty degrees is hot up here.  We have stayed busy, both here and in the Twin Cities area.  Earlier this month we traveled to Brett’s house for nearly a week.  Saturday, the 3rd, was busy with going to an afternoon ballgame where Leah (granddaughter of Paige’s sister) was playing.

All the kids and their families had a good time in the sunshine.  Later that day we took David’s family out to dinner in north Minneapolis, and then to an off-Broadway play at the Minsky theater.  Steve’s son, Tom, was performing in “Spandex, the Musical”.  We just learned that his next performance will be next month at the Ordway in “Jesus Christ, Superstar” (quite the actor!).

On Sunday we bought Brett’s older BMW R1100RT, very similar to the one we used to have.  On Monday he (on his newer RT) and I rode to a number of firehouses to take photos so he can qualify for a Red Knights award.  Paige will feel more comfortable on the larger BMW, so our V-Strom is available (any interested buyers?).

Paige had 4 doctor appointments between Monday to Wednesday.  So good to get those taken care of!

We got to see a number of Olivia’s soccer games and one practice.  They hadn’t won a game all season, until the last one when they buried the other team by 5 to 0.  Way to Go Girls!!

Wednesday was also Olivia’s graduation from elementary school. 
Next year, her 6th grade will be in Middle School.  After her 2-hour ceremony, we came back to the cabin late in the day.  Thursday was reserved for unloading and unpacking. 

Friday we split the cost of the rental of a wood splitter with our neighbors and spent most of the day splitting their pile, ours, and Steve’s.  As if that weren’t enough labor, we mowed Steve and Deanna’s lawn that evening.  They are both recovering: he from a broken wrist, and she from appendicitis. 

The grandkids will be coming up here in a couple of weeks, but we will have our split wood all stacked before they arrive.