Monday, February 24, 2014

Big Change

As a prior posting has hinted, we have made a change.  Our 10-year old Itasca is gone; we traded it for a new Winnebago Journey.  "Moving day" was last Wednesday.  This photo was taken in the dealer's parking lot while we were in the process of moving.

After moving back to Paula and Tom's place, more moving took place when we re-loaded the basements which had taken over a garage.  Then came all the fun of finding stuff that is not where it used to be, and hanging hooks for decorations and towel bars, etc.  Paige found that moving from one motorhome to another was difficult.  Not something she wants to do again anytime soon!  It now feels more like home.

It is a little longer than the older one, but the biggest difference is 4 slides (up from 2) so the interior is much wider when opened up. Here is the sofa with the kitchen in the background.

The refrigerator is "residential-style" so it runs on electricity only.  This was a huge plus for us.  We can now keep ice cream frozen!

Our thoughts were that we plan to keep rambling around the country, sightseeing and doing service projects for many more years and the Meridian was beginning to show its age.

Paige's Mom is visiting from Duluth.  She came a week ago and will be here another 2 weeks.  She's enjoying the weather immensely.  Duluth has had more snow and cold weather recently.  Her brother, Phil, is down here for the winter from Alaska, also at Paula's, so it's a good time for them to reconnect. 

Bob and I are going to do a "Nomads" project at Paula's.   The trim on her business house needs some painting so we are going to take that on.  We  need to keep busy!

We spent last Saturday visiting with some Nomads friends who are working at a church about 10 miles away.  Bill and Ogie and Dave and Nancy came over to see the new motorhome after we went out for a great buffet lunch.  So good to see them!

We'll try to update the blog more frequently now that the move is over.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Time Flys – We Must be Having Fun

Our 3 week project at Epworth United Methodist Church is over and the twelve Nomads who were here have scattered to other places.  Six of us will be working together again next fall at a church camp in northern Minnesota.  We did a big variety of work at the church; painting, cleaning, repairs, etc.  There is a high school housed in the church and we even had an opportunity to eat lunch with the students.  They were very interested in us – do we get paid for this work?  How do we live in our RV’s?  It was a good opportunity to share with them.
Wednesday night of our last week the church held a Thank You Potluck dinner for us.  It was great food and fun and they presented each of us with a gift of wind chimes.  Another wonderful group of folks! 
In our previous post, we mentioned Larry and Dottie’s blog which has since crashed.  They are talking to Google about getting it back up again, but their photos of our first week at Epworth might never come back.  We still have work to do on our new laptop before we attempt to add photos here.  Windows 8.1 is a pain to learn!!
Yesterday we moved back to Paula and Tom’s place and washed the accumulated dust and dirt from our motorhome.  The pickup needs to be washed too, and we hope to get that done later this weekend as well.
Today we picked up Tomie from the airport – she is here for a short visit.  Paige’s mom is coming tomorrow for a 3 week visit and Tomie is excited to see Grandma.  It will be great to spend some time with Mom and hear all about her new home.
We are making a change in our fulltime life this week.  Stay tuned!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Back to Work, Nomads-Style – Part 2

We have completed our first week here at Epworth United Methodist Church in Glendale AZ.  Our team leaders, Larry and Dottie, have their own blog, complete with photos, that lists some of the things we’ve done this week.  Take a look at their comments by clicking on
If you look at their earlier posts, they have photos of the Arizona luncheon which we attended a few weeks ago, as well as their work in December in Bastrop, Texas, an area hard hit by wildfires a couple of years ago.