Saturday, October 29, 2016

Things are Winding Down

Here at the lake, it has been very quiet: little traffic on the road and even fewer boats on the water.  Most of our neighbors have put their boats onto trailers and pulled their docks out of the water.  There are about 100 households in our cabin owners association but less than 5 live here year-round.  The color of fall leaves is long gone and we can see through the branches where the leaves had been.


We got Paige’s mother moved out of rehab and into her new apartment and she is settling into the new social scene.  There is a good feeling to having this completed before we leave for the winter in the south.


Last week we had a little “field trip” to the Twin Cities.  We loaded some of Joyce’s extra furniture for delivery to David, had a nice dinner out with Dave, LeJoy and kids, took time to get our flu shots, and attended a badging ceremony, where Brett was officially promoted to Captain in the St Paul Fire Department – Congratulations!

This weekend we will make a smaller-than-normal batch of lefse for Holiday meals, and finish closing things up around here.  We plan to move groceries and utensils back into the motorhome on Monday and relocate to Duluth on Tuesday.  Wednesday Bob has his last eye appointment and Joyce has another assessment, then we will head to Brett and Jen’s place for a quick, early Thanksgiving dinner before hitting the road south on Thursday.  We need to get some motorhome maintenance done in Forest City, Iowa – hopefully!