Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Busy Times

Yes we know a new posting is overdue.

This week we are back in the big city, complete with 4G connection speeds, so there is little excuse to let things slide.  From mid-August until we leave here in early October we are alternating between the Minneapolis suburbs and the cabin, north of Duluth.  At each place about a week at a time, about 200 miles apart.

 This week we are scheduling annual Dr and Dentist appointments for both of us and having some mechanical issues with the car examined.  The Saturn will be inspected this afternoon for a couple of items and the motorhome is back in Duluth, having a part replaced in the living room slideout (not a do-it-yourself project).  I just got word that it is done and ready for pickup when we get back there (Saturday morning). 

 Mornings this week we are helping the granddaughters get fed and out the door to meet their school bus, and some afternoons we’ll be there when the bus drops them off.  A lot of the evenings have dinners scheduled with family and friends. 

This busy retired life is not for the faint of heart.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Minnesota Update

With us posting only once since mid-August, you might wonder what we are doing and where we are.  The motorhome has been parked at the cabin most of the time while we have been using the car for a couple of field trips to Minneapolis and back.

During late August, Grandma Paige helped with back-to-school shopping for most of the grand-daughters, then we ate our way though the State Fair. 

After that, we took the girls sightseeing in Duluth while on our way back to the cabin.  Here is Enger Tower and a view from the top (about 100 steps)

Labor Day weekend was a time of labor for Bob and Brett, while they finished a number of projects on the cabin.  Between last spring (see prior posts with pictures) and this holiday weekend, the exterior work is now basically done.  We are saving quite a bit of interior work for next year.

After the holiday, we drove back to the Twin Cities area again to help see the girls off to school in the mornings, and be there when they got home.  The first week of a new school year is exciting for everyone.

We are now packing up to return to the cabin for some more quiet time

Most of our electronic communications is handled through Verizon, since their coverage is usually most complete.  One exception is the area where the cabin is located.  They have very spotty coverage there, so we will get this blog posted while we can.  We will be there for the next week, while a couple of motorhome maintenance issues are taken care of.

Our fall/winter schedule is just now beginning to come together.  We will continue to bounce between the cabin and the Twin Cities until early Oct.  We plan to work at a church camp in MO during late Oct, then back to AZ for Nov.