Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Have you heard the term "Short-Timer"?  It is for someone who has only a short time left on their commitment to something.  A co-worker had mentioned to me that some shortimers in the military displayed a chain where its length represented their time remaining.  I put together a chain of paper clips and have removed a link each week.
 It has been hanging like this in my office for a month or so, gradually getting shorter.
Last week another co-worker asked about the chain, and I described how each link represented a remaining week.

Here is what I saw when I arrived on Monday morning:
A second chain has been added, which reaches to the floor where boxes of more than 1,000 more paper clips were attached.

Here is a closeup of the note at the top:

Doncha just love some people's idea of a JOKE?????

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Time for an Update

Not a lot to report, and no photos for today's notes, but it is well past time to add something.  The house is slowly getting emptier; just enough left to keep us living, eating, and sleeping there.  The dining room table went to a new home on Sunday evening.  Family Room furniture went to David's place about a week and a half ago.

Last weekend was busy:
  • Friday evening we brought the motorhome out of storage.
  • Saturday started with a visit with our realtor; picking up a free pumpkin and dropping our selling price once again.
  • They had scheduled an Open House for later on Saturday, so we hooked up our "dinghy" and left for a baby shower for Katie (a niece) at her parents' place in Prior Lake.
  • then a trip to the Blue Earth Co fairgrounds where we were the only campers on the property. (by the way, major flooding in Southern MN 2 weeks ago left Madelia's city campground closed for the season, and the County fairgrounds open with electric only, no sewer or water.)
  • a pleasant afternoon at Paul's place (a brother) getting up to date on Mom's bills and other local activities.
  • the evening was festive: Bob's 45th High School Reunion
  • Sunday morning we returned home in the morning.
  • followed by a potluck lunch where we first met many of the other volunteers we will be working with in Louisiana in January....a fun-loving and active group of people committed to serving others.
  • late afternoon we raked and bagged the leaves from our front yard only. This is a job we won't miss in the future.
  • We also cleaned the carpeting in the motorhome before taking it back to storage.
All-in-all it was lots of useful activities, and it allowed us to burn up some of the summer fuel, making room for the "winter blend" diesel fuel, which we will need since we will be leaving in January.  I saw a sign or two the winter diesel is starting to show up, but it will be more common in December.  There will be another opportunity to make room for more in the next couple of weeks, so we are not topping up the tank just yet.