Thursday, September 29, 2016

We Have Heard Our Public

Quite a number of regular blog readers have reminded us that “it’s been awhile” since our last posting.  Yup, over 2 months!  At the time it seemed like we were doing very little, but looking back now I guess we really were busy.  Here are the highlights (in no special order):

The previous post mentioned we had volunteered at a Habitat for Humanity project in Virginia MN (about 30 miles away).  We put in 4 days there over 6 weeks: painting, finishing woodwork trim, installing doors, and forming a curved sidewalk.  There is going to be an open house this weekend to celebrate the completion of the house we worked on.

The prior posting also mentioned visitors and we had quite a few.  Paige’s mother came to visit here a couple of time (both alone and with friends) usually for a single afternoon but at least one over-night when the electricity was out in a great part of Duluth and impacted her apartment building for 4 days.  Paige’s sister and niece came from Arizona.  They hadn’t been here in a long time.  Paige’s cousin Tim and his son, Nick, were here for another weekend.  Bob’s brother and his wife got into camping this year and stopped by for a weekend as part of their loop through northern Minnesota (It was their first visit here).  We also got together with 3 of our Nomad friends: the Hilmo’s and Easley’s came to the cabin for visits, and we met the Norton’s for dinner in Virginia, MN.  Sophia, Ann, and Olivia spent a few days with us in August which we thoroughly enjoyed!

There were not many projects at the cabin this summer but we did replace and renew doors on the sauna.  They’re looking good.  We bought a new door for the outhouse but installation will need to wait until next year.

We also helped cousin Steve and Deanna move into a lovely year round house which is next door to their family cabin around the corner from us.  This move occurred in June so we’ve been able to spend a lot of time with them this summer boating, eating, and playing cards.

Bob’s doctors said that cataracts are a common result of last year’s retinal reattachment; they were right.  Early in August a lens was replaced but the follow up inspection in Sept showed the work is not yet complete.  We are still dealing with multiple drops until next week when we will learn more.

We have had 2 trips to the Minneapolis area to assist sons and grand-daughters, plus get some routine medical exams out of the way.  David and LeJoy’s wedding was a big part of the most recent trip. 

We have spent a bit of time on the water: in our own boat, cousin Steve’s pontoon, a Vista Queen Sunday brunch cruise with friends and attending Duluth’s Tall Ships festival to ride on one of those ships.

Much of our time, recently, has been with assisting Paige’s mother.  Between doctors’ visits, X-ray appointments, hospitals, and multiple rehab facilities there has been a lot going on.  She has been battling severe back pain with no real plan for relief yet.  The doctors are as frustrated as she is.  Yesterday we moved her from one rehab center to another where she is more comfortable. 

The next couple of weeks will involve lots of rehab, then a move to an assisted living place nearby. Pam and Paula will be coming next week to help with this move.  The move is to a smaller 2 bedroom apartment which is very cute and in a building just across the parking lot from her independent living apartment.  Because of these activities, we have delayed our departure and canceled our participation in a Nomads project in Missouri for late October.